5 Mins with Bobby Lumsden

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Q. Bobby, you joined in January 2007 how would you summarise your time?

It’s been great. I have had fantastic support all along the way from Eddie, Rhona and Dougie and met some really nice people. In the years I have been with The ER Network my business has grown to the point where I felt I was struggling to cope with the level of business I was dealing with. That is when I decided to look for another advisor and in January 2019 I took on my first new start. Since then my team has grown to 4 advisors including myself.

Q. What do you like most about being a member?

When allowed we have regular  meetings which are currently being conducted remotely. This gives us the opportunity to hear from others in the same business. The downside is we must listen to Dougie’s jokes but that’s a small price to pay. There is a wealth of experience in the group and I like to think I could call on any of the advisors at any time if I needed help with a particularly difficult case.

Q. As an experienced mortgage adviser, what do you think are the most important traits for success?

I like to think I always put the client first. I’ve always worked on the basis that if I look after them they will look after me and that attitude has helped me build up a decent client bank. The fact that my clients keep coming back to me and passing my name to their friends and family kind of helps to prove that my theory is going in the right direction. I also have my own website and social media presence which is becoming increasingly more important in building relationships and producing enquiries.

Q. You’re starting regular Teams meetings with RML advisers shortly, tell us a little about it please.

This is not designed to replace Qui Bono meetings which are driven by presentations from lenders and protection companies and have proven to be extremely beneficial. This is more of an exchange of experiences, informal chat. I will ask everyone to relate to a particularly interesting case or just to pass on a new piece of knowledge gained while dealing with a case. None of us know everything there is to know about mortgages and protection, we are learning all the time, and we can all learn from each other.

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