5 mins with… Charles Parsons

Charles recently joined The ER Network and has been a welcome addition to our growing team of financial experts. We caught up with Charles to find out about his introduction to the Expectional Results Network.

Q. You have recently joined The ER Network, Welcome! What encouraged you to join?

Ans. Being self employed and working on your own it is important that you can turn to people for assistance when required. The ER network offered this assistance.

Q. What has been the best thing and worse thing about your experience with ER?

Ans. The good things about working with ER are they pay commissions on a weekly basis. they have mortgage advisers who will pass on leads and they help you achieve your yearly CPD.

Q. What financial services do you specialise in for your clients?

Ans. I specialise in giving my clients pension advice and investments advice and have knowledge in VCT and Eis’s

 Q. Financial planning is something many people fail to do, what benefits are there in speaking to a qualified financial planner?

Ans. One of the main benefits of speaking to a financial planner is they can help tailor your investments to suit your needs and help you achieve your goals.

Q. How do your clients benefit from you being part of The ER Network?

Ans. Clients will benefit from ER knowing that I have support from a network of advisers with different skill sets.

Q. What advice would you have for anybody thinking about joining The ER Network in the future?

Ans. Having worked for 7 years on a self employed basis with another firm I have found my move to ER to be invigorating. The systems they have are slick and getting commission paid weekly is a god send.