5 Minutes With Bruce Quirie

Bruce Quirie recently joined the The ER Network from a bank and takes 5 minutes to talk about the transition and benefits of being part of the network.

Q. You joined The ER Network a year ago, what benefits encouraged you to join?

Ans. I joined The ER Network as I felt that having others to contact when you need some help would benefit me as I’d be working from home for the first time and was moving from a banking background to offering advice from a far wider range of products and providers.

Q. Before joining The ER Network, what was your background?

Ans. Since leaving school, I’d been employed for 29 years by Lloyds TSB,  the last 19 as a financial advisor. As Lloyds had decided to stop offering financial advice through the branch network, I took the offer of redundancy as most of their regulated staff did last year.

Q. You’ve had a great year for growth – what do you put the success down to?

Ans. A combination of hard work including visiting family and friends but importantly, referrals from mortgage advisors in The ER Network who have passed on clients for advice such as pensions and investments which they were unable to provide. I am also able to pass on clients to them for mortgage advice which helps clients as most prefer to deal by recommendation.

Q. What impact is there on your clients with auto enrolment?

Ans. At this early stage, I haven’t been involved with auto enrolment as clients have already been signed up through employers or have been retired.

Q. How do your clients benefit from you being part of The ER Network?

Ans. They benefit from me being able to contact other advisors for assistance where they have asked me for information and guidance in areas which I have had limited experience. With my background it takes a while to build up knowledge so any help is appreciated !

Q. What advice would you have for anybody thinking about joining The ER Network in the future?

Ans. The ER Network offer the benefit of having a spread of advisors offering various types of advice and in a wide area of the country. Training events are held in different places so you don’t always have to travel far. Also, they pay commission and fees on a weekly basis which I feel allows me to budget better in this line of work.