5 Minutes with Dougie

Dougie Moir has been with The ER Network for a number of years and has recently change job role. We’ve caught up with Dougie to find out more about it.

Q1. Your role at The ER Network has changed recently, tell us a little about these changes please?

As well as being Training & Development Manager and a Financial Planner I now am the Firm Development Coach. The new role involves working from day 1 with new members joining The ER Network and helping them achieve Competent Adviser Status with Intrinsic. I provide support, training and guidance.

Q2. What type of product and sales training do you have planned over the next few months?

We work closely with providers and over the next 2 months we have 9 seminars / training sessions organised for all members to attend if they wish. All new recruits have not only Product knowledge training provided as well as selling skill sessions. if any adviser wishes 1;1 coaching that is also arranged for them.

Q3. So, The ER Network members will be able to get a more “hands on” level of support then?

I am available not only to guide them through the Intrinsic sales processes and procedures but also someone to bounce ideas off.

Q4. With the changes in the industry how valuable do you think training and selling products correctly will become?

Providing clients with the correct plans only comes from experience and you gain that by having up to date Product, Market and Industry knowledge. This is what we hopefully provide.

Q5.There’s been a big shake up in the industry with the FCA, how do you think it’s affecting financial advisors/ brokers?

The impact to Financial Planners in The ER Network by the introduction of RDR has been a positive one as clients now see exactly what they are getting in the form of service and financial solutions with no hidden extras and this has been a good thing. The result of MMR to the mortgage advisers we have seen a drop in business levels in the short term but once they get to grips of their responsibilities then business levels will get back to normal.