An Update: 5 mins with… Dougie Moir

20130814_131436_resizedWe’ve interviewed Dougie Moir before but he’s now helping members at The ER Network with extensive training and assisting them to become authorised as an advisor. We caught up with Dougie to find out how he’s getting on.

1.       You’ve got an adapted role at the ER Network, what’s changed?

I now have an additional role within The ER Network called the Firm Development Coach. In the past anyone joining The ER Network had a Sales Process Manager from Intrinsic assigned to them in order to achieve Competent Adviser status. The process has changed and now all new entrants come under my direction. This means my workload has increased dramatically within a training environment. 

2.       How many advisors have you trained since the start of the year?

At present since the beginning of 2015 I have had 4 advisers with another 6 joining within the next 4/6 weeks 

3.       Typically, how long does training and authorisation take at the ER Network?

That depends on several things including the ability of the advisor to take on board the Intrinsic systems and process and more importantly if they can get their cases signed off by compliance which is probably the hardest thing of all. 

4.       What do you enjoy most about training advisors?

The satisfaction of seeing an adviser hopefully becoming better at their job

5.       Once trained and authorised, how is The ER Network helping advisors to grow their client bank

ER have orphan clients which need serviced and we can give advisers access to them. There are also other ways of growing their client base which we show them including asking for referrals which is also part of the process.