Confidence Rises: Positive for Intermediaries

According to new research from YouGov, people are feeling more confident about their financial future and most believe the economy has levelled off. This has developed from the slowly improving housing market which continues to rise, coupled with the belief that employment is securer than it has been in recent years.

The statistics show that 2 in 5 employees believe they will lose their job which is an improvement of 4% since the poll was last taken in February.

The poll is just one of many indicators that the economy is on the rise again. This research demonstrates that parts of the UK are ready to take the next positive step forward. Whilst others continue to battle with unemployment and house price uncertainty.

The research shows that there is a promising rise in consumer confidence which is an inevitable requirement for the intermediary market to grow. We can be encouraged that consumer confidence is on the rise again. With rising consumer confidence we can expect financial services business to increase too, as consumers return to their financial intermediary.

Helping Consumers out a Rock and a Hard Place

Many people complain their financial situation means they are stuck in an unhappy relationship, unable to move on because of their financial position. With the increased availability and confidence in financial products, consumers may feel able to take the next step. This will mean financial planners will be dealing w
ith a vast array of people in differing financial situations again.

This challenge brings exciting opportunities for intermediaries to help people move property in a growing market. With every opportunity, it’s about maximising the potential. Ensure you’re working with a network that helps you with your compliance, marketing and maximising business from existing clients.