Double Your Client Bank With The ER Network

Most financial planners and advisors provide an exceptional service to support their clients and provide products which meet their everyday needs. The typical advisor has diversified into providing multiple different financial products, from mortgages, insurance services through to pensions and wills.

This diversification is in part driven by the current financial climate, but it’s also a belief that by offering additional valuable products, we can deliver a customer focussed service and build sustained relationships with existing clients.

At The ER Network, we’re supporting our advisors across the UK in making the fundamental changes which are required to grow their business in today’s market.

What’s Available At The ER Network?

As a financial services network we go further to help our members maximise their profits. As our name suggests, we deliver Exceptional Results within the financial services market. The primary reason our network continues to grow is down to the support we offer our members, such as,

Integrated IT Systems: Our state of the art technology helps our members source products and maximise opportunities within their existing client bank.

Training Opportunities: Experts provide frequent training seminars and updates on industry changes.

Compliance: Helping to ensure advice is provided with 100% compliance within regulatory standards.

What helps us to stand out from the crowd is that at The ER Network we help you maximise your client bank by introducing you to clients in search of financial products.  Since 2005 we have been providing our members with financial services support and this includes helping them increase their profits. We have multiple routes to help generate you with new clients. For example, retired members of The ER Network have passed their client bank to us, so we have active clients in search of a new financial planner to support them.

In addition, we have exclusive lead introducers who supply details of clients in need of financial products in your area. We share these clients directly with you.

Commitment to Double Your Client Bank

We’re actively recruiting financial services professionals to join our network in order to work together.

By joining The ER Network we commit to supporting you in doubling your client bank. As well as receiving integrated IT Systems which make your job easier, the latest training guidance and compliance support, we’ll also introduce you to people who you can help with financial services.

If you’re interested in joining a unique financial services network, speak to us today. You can call us on 0141 243 2475.