New Research Suggests Financial Planners Are Vital

Research completed by AXA Wealth has uncovered that financial planners are will be in greater demand as almost 20% more people intend to seek professional financial advice in the future. The additional demand has arisen because they are worried they won’t have enough income for their retirement.

Nick Elphick, AXA Wealth Managing Director stated that one in six people regularly sought financial advice from a professional and that they would continue to do so. The research uncovered almost one in five people planned to seek professional help for the benefit of their retirement.

It is mandatory for employers to pay into their employees’ pensions and this contribution is thought to be a step towards phasing out the state pension. With an aging population, employers will be forced to take a more active role in their employees retirement planning. This has led many people to question what they will do in their retirement.

A separate poll by YouGov found that 40% of people did not feel they could manage their finances on their own and that a financial advisor would be preferable.

The demand for financial advice continues to grow in an uncertain economic climate. At the ER Network we’re preparing our members with product and compliance training. This training, coupled with marketing support, means we’re strategically positioned to help worried consumers seek advice from a professional and experienced financial services network.

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