Find Out More About We're Here To Support You & Your Business. The ER Network

The ER Network Ltd was formed in 2005 by a team of individuals with a wealth of experience in the mortgage and financial planning markets.

The Directors realised that there was a lack of understanding on the part of large insurers and networks regarding what makes an adviser tick. This led to the setting up of the ER Network with a view to becoming the best-respected firm across the whole industry.


We believe that a professional adviser needs a variety of services to write profitable business in an increasingly competitive marketplace. We also believe that it is crucial to make your business as efficient as possible because we cannot rely on quality service from the vast majority of lenders and insurers we deal with on a daily basis. The mountains of regulation in our market place also means that we have to be ever more professional in our approach and  ensure that our systems are watertight in terms of compliance.

With all of the above going on, is it any wonder we find it difficult to develop our business, our staff, ourselves!


Simply to help mortgage and financial planning professionals improve efficiency, increase sales and develop their business profitability in a safe, simple and compliant manner. We are committed to working with you to support your business and endeavour to help you reach your objectives.